Membership application

Application For Membership
By submitting an application, you are agreeing to the rules and regulations of the guild. Complete and detailed answers are required for your app to be considered. Magelo number is a mandatory field and must be viewable (non-Private). Do not use 10 day free trial accounts as they are perma-private until the trial ends. We use voice chat semi-mandatory (for new events or strat changes, it is mandatory). You will be required to install and learn to use it.

Character Details
Character name:
Unbuffed HP:
Unbuffed AC:
AA Assigned Total:
Magelo profile number or link
Email address:
Raiding/Guild Information
List any members in Iratus Lepus that you know and where you met them:
If a person asked you to join, list them here.
Why do you wish to join Iratus Lepus.
Summarize your raiding experience (ex: VoA T1 - RoF T4) What events are emorable for you?
Describe expected raid attendance. List all playtimes, with timezone. We expect applicants to exceed 50% raid attendance.
List your guild history, along with reasons for leaving each one. If you have guild history with other characters list those as well.
Player personality
We say suggest and share offensive ideas and materials in /gu and in voice chat. Sometimes it gets out of hand and vulgar. Our only rules are no politics or religion. Can you handle this? Yes/No/Sometimes
You may be guided by guild members to improve your performance and will be expected to show initiative in self-improvement. Do you agree to respond positively to constructive criticism while an applicant of Iratus Lepus? Yes/No/Sometimes
Raid leaders or guild officers may give instructions that you do not agree with (or they may utilize raid strategies which you do not believe to be effective for winning a particular event). Do you agree to follow the given instructions or strategies as part of the overall raid team (regardless of personal preferences)? Yes/No/Sometimes
Player performance
Players are strongly encouraged to run the program Gina, make use of GTT, or use in game audio triggers while raiding to alert them when key emotes occur. (These options may also be utilized to enhance performance and efficiency or to give alerts when specific buffs, spell effects, or discs fade). It is expected that you are able to reliably follow emotes. If you have trouble following emotes we may require you to run Gina and / or you may be issued a "BKP fine" for emote failures. Do you accept this. Yes/No/Sometimes
Players are expected to perform comparibly to other members of their class. Skills and abilities change with each expansion and members are expected to follow new trends with their class. How do you stay current with the best techniques for your class to be using?